Housekeeping Spring Clean - 21 February 2016

Some items were removed to provide more space and have been stored in the outside storeroom under the laundry table for owners in two medium sized boxes.
The items will be stored until the Taylor's visit in May 2016 and will then be given to Marliesy.
Storeroom cupboards were cleaned out and space allocated to Maintenance & Housekeeping.
Marliesy was asked to remove the items she has been given through the year out of the storeroom and into her room until she can facilitate transport of the items.
A full stock count of linen was taken and will be shared on the website.
3 "old/worn" bath towels were put under each cupboard under the bathroom basins to use when mopping up water etc.
There is a green shopping bag "lost property" stored in the cupboard on the East wing next to the safe. Please remove or it will be donated at the end of May 2016.