Our stay 20 Jan to 5 th Feb. Chris Taylor

!hi all. Just to update. The fridge in marlissey room is mended. It was short of gas !  The waste pipe from her shower and the laundry which was blocked is now clear and has been rodded,   So all working OK.  There was problems with the toilets not flushing correctly and not filling, these now working  fine. We have changed the washers on the bath taps as again they were leaking.  marlissey has Spring cleaned the house top to bottom under Eileen,s direction and she seems quite house proud of her efforts. All the bedrooms have had the beds lifted and mad so all floors and carpets clear of  dead bugs etc.  Could someone please bring some spare bulbs as 2 of he lights not working and can't get any spare ones for Mabula time share! Even ifI paid for them ! And don't want to trail to Bella Bella just for a few bulbs. Just for your info Marlissey seems t have her boyfriend  staying with her in her hose. Not sure what is sit in here? He has been there for 5 or 6 days to our knowledge, but at least she now not late for work !!

I have given France his  Radio back.  Great sightings of animals and the Cheetah female and her 2 cubs seem to have taken a liking to our Wholeowner Plain.!!

Chris and Eileen